Nu har dammet börjat lägga på sig ifrån förra veckans Buildkonferens. En konferens där vi presenterade mycket kring Windows 8 och bland annat nästa version av Visual Studio. Alla presentationer ifrån Build finns här.

Men naturligtvis var också Windows Phone med. Här kommer en lista med dessa sessioner:

Windows Phone XAML apps

Jesse Liberty

How do I use XAML to build outstanding apps for Windows Phone, using Visual Studio and Expression Blend? In this session we’ll walk you through the steps from start to finish.

Windows Phone multitasking

Peter Torr

Windows Phone ‘Mango’ brings developers the ability to deliver several different types of multitasking scenarios to the end user. In this code focused session, we’ll drill in depth on what these are and how to add multitasking to your existing Windows Phone app today.

Windows Phone- how to build a game

Charles Cox

Learn how to build great games for Windows Phone with XNA Game Studio. Dive deep into the game-ready graphics, audio, and input capabilities of the phone, get up to speed about the new features for game developers in Mango, and learn how to build a game in minutes with the power of the XNA Framework…

Windows Phone app performance and optimization

Jeff Wilcox

Is your app as fast as it can be on Windows Phone? There are many details to wringing out the maximum amount of performance on the Windows Phone platform. In this session, the experts will drill in depth on how to create the outstanding app performance that is key to winning the audience on Windows…

Windows Phone user experience design

Bryan Agnetta

Windows Phone pioneered the ‘Metro’ design language, the popular, iconic user interface paradigm used by thousands of apps to give end users a common basis from which to interact with their device. In this session, we’ll drill in depth on what ‘Metro’ is, and how to leverage its full power in your…

Windows Phone- building apps that customers love, end to end

Adam Denning, Larry Lieberman

Making money is important! In this sessions we’ll review all the steps in building an app for Windows Phone, and we’ll relate the secrets of the masters for maximizing your impact.

Windows Phone- building optimized websites and using the web browser control with IE9

Joe Marini

Windows Phone ‘Mango’ brings the power of IE9 to the Phone, with its full performance and standards based approach. For the first time, developers will be able to leverage the power of the browser to deliver compelling interactive experiences, both inside and outside the context of a traditional…