Här kommer en samling med resurser om VSTS. Det tycker upp många sådana och alla har något nytt. Här är inledningen på inlägget. Klicka sedan vidare…

I’m very proud of Visual Studio Team System and what Microsoft have done here – I’ve blogged about it in the past a reasonable amount (between my big gaps). 

It is worth stating that tools like this take more then just installing to get the most out of them (you get a huge amount from just installing them but not everything).  So one of my team members (MarkW) has come up with a list of resources that can help you get the most from Team System.

If you are not using Team System and in particular Team Foundation Server (even if you only use Visual Studio Professional Edition) then I think you really should consider Team System.

Source: Visual Studio Team System Resources (VSTS)
Originally published on Wed, 06 Dec 2006 03:05:00 GMT by smcbreen