Jag har precis hittat en mycket intressant rapport som är en jämförande studie mellan RUP (en av de mest kända utvecklingsprocesserna i Sverige) och MSF for Agile Software Development (som är vår agila utvecklingsprocess och som är implementerat i Visual Studio Team System och Team Foundation Server).

Ladda ned rapporten här.

Här är en kort sammanfattning av rapportens resultat.

The IBM Rational Unified Process is suitable for software development projects with
the following characterizations:

  • A project with a normal to large scope that needs a strict, formal and predictable
    process which focuses on planning, fixed deadlines and budgets.
  • The team model has a hierarchic structure to control the average to large number of
    persons in the project team.
  • The customer knows his demands, needs and expectations to create a business value
    adding system. He is acquainted with the technological possibilities and boundaries.
  • The stakeholders are able to create a clear vision, identify stable requirements and
    design a firm architecture in the early phases of the SEP.
  • RUP prescribes a strict change management to control the alterations and keep them
    within the agreed project boundaries. The stakeholders are sure that the fixed
    agreements will not change dramatically.
  • The customer and project team have a formal business relationship with a need for
    lots of documentations. They do not have the time or capacity to interact closely and
    therefore plan periodic meetings to exchange information and feedback.

The Microsoft Solutions Framework for Agile Software Development is suitable for
software development projects with the following characterizations:

  • A project with small to normal scope that needs a flexible, informal and adaptive
    process which focuses on the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.
  • The project team has no clear hierarchic structure because the team is relative small
    and the team members are skilled, have a great sense of responsibility and are able to
    work autonomous.
  • The customer does not exactly know what he wants. His needs and expectations of
    the solution are bound to change, as he is unfamiliar with the possibilities of the
    technology, or how the system will support his business processes.
  • The requirements and architecture are uncertain and identified progressively during
    the software development life cycle due to progressive understanding.
  • Customer and project team are closely connected and have a tight and truthful
    relationship. They collaborate and use face-to-face communication to create the
    mutual end result without the need for strict agreements and documentations.

Personligen så har alla mina projekt som jag har jobbat i varit av karaktären som beskrivs om MSF for Agile.

Observera också att man kan använda sig av RUP i VSTS om man vill.