Många är fortfarande oroliga att webbtjänsterna skall vara väldigt långsamma att kommunicera med. Men detta är inte sant. Här kommer ett utdrag, som jag har funnit, ifrån en presentation som IBM har gjort.

When Web services were first introduced, many people were concerned about performance. “Everything’s in XML, so I’ve got to build XML and parse XML in addition to everything else I’m doing in my application” was a common concern. Way back then (late 2000, early 2001) we had two responses:

  • If response time is your overwhelming concern, then Web services probably aren’t for you, and
  • For many types of applications, the most important factor is not how quickly a given function performs, but how quickly you can change the application to work a different way.

With a few years of real-world applications under our belts, we’ve found that the overhead of XML is negligible in many cases (particularly in applications that have any network latency). In addition, a number of companies are starting to build firewalls and network appliances designed to process SOAP envelopes as quickly as possible.