I use my own Azure account for both productions sites and demonstrations. It is therefor easy to forget stuff that are running in my account. I’m brave so I do not have any spending limit on my account.

This could be a disaster for me. But now we have implemented Billing Alerts that help guys like me.

This is a preview feature that you need to turn on. You do this here: Billing Alert Service Preview.

When that is done, go to you billing page. A new menu item, Alerts, is now visible.


Here you can add up to five alerts.


You can choose either a Billing Total or a Monetary Credit from the Alert For list. For a billing total, an alert is sent when subscription spending exceeds the threshold. For a monetary credit, an alert is sent when monetary credits drop below the limit. Monetary credits usually apply to free trials and subscriptions associated with MSDN accounts.

Here is more information about how to Set up Windows Azure billing alerts.