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Open Compute Platform

Open Compute Platform: PaaS, IaaS, and Virtual Networks

In this episode, we introduce the three Compute options for Windows Azure: IaaS (Virtual Machines), PaaS (Cloud Services), and Web Sites. We discuss the benefits of IaaS and PaaS, and introduce Virtual Networks as a way to combine the two, showing how applications can take advantage of the power of PaaS+IaaS.

Open Compute Platform: Connectivity & Web Sites

In this episode, we look at cross-premises connectivity, using VPN to connect cloud-based and on-premises resources to build hybrid applications. We also discuss and compare Web Sites alongside Virtual Machines and Cloud Services, followed by an easy way to decide between the three.

Open Data Platform

Open Data Platform: Paradigm shift, key/value, column

In this episode, we introduce the concept of Polyglot Persistence, where multiple databases are combined into a single application, based on specific requirements. We compare traditional SQL databases with NoSQL databases, outlining the basic NoSQL types (kay/value, column family, document, and graph). We then drill down into two specific NoSQL database types: key/value and column family.

Data Platform: Document, graph, and Azure options

In this episode, we continue talking through the NoSQL data story in Windows Azure. We take a closer look at document databases and graph databases. We then look at an example where several databases are combined to produce an eCommerce solution, and finish up with a look at various NoSQL databases available in Windows Azure today, either self-hosted or provided as a service.

Open Development Platform

Open Development Platform: SDKs and deployment options

In this episode, we talk about the Windows Azure programming interface. All functionality is accessible via RESTful calls, with a suite of programming SDKs built atop the REST specification, including .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and ruby. We look at the various features supported by each language (such as storage, service bus, and service management), IDE integration, and SDK installers + source code. We then look at some examples, demonstrating the similarities between the various language SDKs. We also look at command-line management tools, including both PowerShell and the Node-based CLI. We wrap up with an overview of app deployment options.

Open Development Platform: Node.js and Windows Azure

In this episode, we take a closer look at Node.js, a very popular programming language. Node.js works very well in Windows Azure. We walk through a quick Node.js tutorial, and then show a simple demo. We wrap up with a discussion around a few real-world Node.js use cases.

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