MP900390572I am one of those who try to use GTD (Getting Thing Done) sometimes. Some things stick and other things I forget very quickly. As most people know, GTD is very much about not having as much in his “inbox”, because this takes up unnecessary brainpower. You should instead, as fast as possible, get it out of the inbox and into different sections where you have better control. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to move things. Then, instead of thinking about where to move your emails, snooze them so that they will disappear from your inbox for a time.

This is easy to implement in Microsoft Outlook. You create a new view of your inbox and put a filter on it that makes some mail invisible until it is time to deal with them again.

Kevin Guyer in its blog post Outlook Fu: How to ‘Snooze’ Email in Your Inbox describes how to set this up in a great way.