Ivar Jacobson, en av grundarna till RUP, har för ett par veckor sedan lanserat sin nya process, Essential Unified Process, för Microsoft Team System. Jag hoppar högt av glädje över att se att den här processen kommer till Team System.

Based on selected practices EssWork can now generate process templates for Visual Studio 2005 Team System and tasks for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. Teams now can enjoy the streamlined features of practices as they work within Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Another effect is that unified process users around the world now can work within Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

“I am convinced that a practice based way of working will dramatically simplify the way we will develop software. With EssWork individuals can publish their ideas without having to cover all aspects of software development. Organizations can define their way of working (process) by composing practices instead of developing their own process. Moreover, organizations can use the same practices independent on platform or tools.” says Ivar Jacobson CEO of Ivar Jacobson International.

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Jag hoppas snart kunna erbjuda en demonstration av den här processen. Jag kommer att hålla er underrättade.