Har precis sätt följande på Channel 9.

Whilst the Ascend program for VS2005 has now finished I thought I would give you one last update re the final release schedule.  Release of VS2005 will be October 14th, subject to any last minute hitches.  On October 14th (US time), all the different versions of VS2005, express aside, will be available for download by MSDN subscribers from the MSDN downloads site.  Also, in case you aren’t already aware, Team Foundation Server has been delayed by 3 months however there is already a Beta3 version available and a refreshed version of Beta3, compatible with the release of VS2005, will be available on October 14th from the MSDN subscriber download site. November the 7th is the official launch date, at which point the full express editions will be available for download and you will be begin to see VS2005 available in the shops.

Intressant. Det är nästan två månader tidigare än den officiella lanseringen i Sverige.