This is an overview how you can use App Studio to jumpstart your app development for Windows Phone. We will start by creating an app in App Studio, then we will download it and publish it to the Windows Phone Store.

Create an app in App Studio

App Studio is a web-based tool to create several different kinds of apps for Windows Phone. You can start, either with a predefined template or from scratch. Here is more information about this tool: Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta and App Studio How To.

The outcome of this tool is an app that you can install on several phones without publishing it to the Windows Phone Store. The app is stored in the cloud, so you don’t need to download it first.

Download source code

You can also download your app in two different formats. Either as a compiled and packaged app or the full source code. (I prefer to download the source because I have had problem to run the downloaded app package.)

You need Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 to open the source code. You can download a free version of Visual Studio 2012 here.

Change the emulator settings to Emulator WXGA and click on it to compile and run the app in the emulator.

In the emulator, take at least one screenshot of your app. You do this by clicking on the double arrow up in the right corner of the emulator and then go to the tab Screenshot.


You need a Windows Phone developer account to publish the app. It costs $19 per year. (When I wrote this.) Go to and sign in. Go to the Dashboard and choose SUBMIT APP. Go through the process, most is obvious. You need to create an icon for your app. This icon should be 300×300.