Did you know that software developers can benefit greatly from new Cloud opportunities that help save time, increase productivity and make money? There are a number of very exciting scenarios where the Microsoft Cloud (also known as Windows Azure) can benefit developers and development teams of all sizes!

In this free one-day seminar, delivered in cooperation with our Microsoft Cloud and ALM partners, we will introduce common Cloud scenarios for developers available today (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and help you get started quickly with hands-on demos and practical guidance. Most Developers are already aware of the Cloud, but now it is time to learn more about the many benefits the Cloud offers – and this Roadshow will get you started!


Keynote: Cloud Scenarios for Developers. The Cloud offers many benefits – Agility, Scale, Resilience and Economies of Scale chief among them. In this keynote we will discuss the benefits of five Cloud scenarios for developers available today.

The Cloud Developer Desktop. Most of the world’s nearly 15 million developers continue to use desktop IDEs as their workbench of choice. Why hasn’t the development environment moved to the Cloud along with just about every other application? Find out more about the benefits of running Visual Studio in the Cloud.

Building Cloud Applications. This is the classic Cloud Platform-as-a-Service scenario: running and hosting your web application or application services on Windows Azure. Find out what is new for Azure developers and how Visual Studio 2013 speeds up Cloud development with new tools and features.


Michael Koester:
Michael is a Visual Studio/ALM and developer technologies specialist, covering Western Europe. He focuses on Microsoft’s next-generation application platform technologies and developer tools and speaks regularly at events and conferences about topics like SharePoint development, Windows development , Windows Phone development, Windows Azure development, testing and anything related to Visual Studio and TFS.

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