Microsoft demos Windows Phone 8 mobile wallet

John Skovron, group program manager for Windows Phone 8, showed off the capabilities of the software giant's new NFC-enabled wallet at the NFC World Congress last week and explained how the technology could help Microsoft gain mobile phone market share.

Windows Store App Xaml GridView with Variable Templates

One of the useful controls to use when creating a Windows Store app for Windows 8 is the GridView which can use a VariableSizeWrapGrid to support item templates of varying size.  Using this in conjunction with an DataTemplateSelector makes it possible to vary both the size and data template of the items in a GridView.

Using WinRT’s WebAuthenticationBroker with Flickr’s OAuth API

For one of my first apps at Microsoft, I decided to build a Windows Store App that would exchange data via Flickr’s APIs. One of the challenges I faced while developing this App was communicating with Flickr’s APIs that require authentication via OAuth protocol. WinRT’s WebAuthenticationBroker API helped me in facilitating the authentication process between the App and Flickr’s OAuth service.

Using IndexedDB in your Windows 8 Game

As I was pulling together my previous post on notifications in an HTML 5 game on Windows 8, I couldn’t help but think there must be a better way to handle the storage of the local leaderboard. If you’re not familiar with that sample, it’s a simple game where you see how many times you can touch a bouncing ball before it hits the boundaries of the display ten times.

What is Extensible Storage Engine and how it can be used by Windows 8 apps to persist data

Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) is a indexed sequential access data storage technology. ESE runtime has been a part of Windows since version 2000, empowering such products as Exchange, Active Directory and Desktop Search.

Windows 8 is not an exception. ESE is used by Zune Music, Zune Video, app repository and is available as a native API for all Windows Store app developers

Windows 8–Connecting to SkyDrive

I wrote my first Windows 8 code which connected to SkyDrive the other day so I thought I’d share in case it helps anyone who’s doing a similar thing.