SEX AND POLITICS AT GOOGLE: It’s A Game Of Thrones In Mountain View

From the outside, Google is that “Don’t be evil” company, run by geeks in T-shirts and jeans, sitting on beanbag chairs.

The world imagines the leaders of Google to be nerdy techno-idealists — people who want to use the company’s money and power to build self-driving cars, put a computer on every face, and launch Wi-Fi blimps over Africa.

This vision of Google is accurate. But it’s also incomplete.

Is ‘corporate open source’ an oxymoron? Not where Node.js is concerned

Interesting article how a company could monetize their own Open Source projects and not do it the Sun/Java way.

Increasing productivity with ScriptCS

ScriptCS is an interesting new tool that Glenn Block has created. With it you can write and execute C# with a simple text editor.

Show us your apps & new release: Windows Phone App Studio Beta

Windows Phone App Studio has been out for a month and, if I may say it, has been a success. (I published an article about it earlier this week.) This week they updated the beta with new features.

Vad är API:er och hur använder man dem? [Swedish]

Last week I participated at the conference Nordic APIs. It was a great conference. I learned a lot. Here is a good summary of things that was discussed at that conference.