Microsoft has an open source repository where anyone can upload their favorite Linux configuration with an open source stack installed on it. This repository is called VM Depot.


I think that we have almost all the popular images that you can imagine.

I nice feature is that each image also includes a deployment script that you can run from your computer. It supports Window, Mac OS and Linux. (The deployment script uses a command line tool, Azure CLI Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface, which is written in Node.js.)

Here is an example of a deployment script that install an Ubuntu server with the MEAN stack:

azure vm create DNS_PREFIX -o vmdepot-30031-1-16 -l “North Europe” USER_NAME [PASSWORD] –ssh

azure vm endpoint create-multiple DNS_PREFIX 80:80,443:443

You have to substitute DNS_PREFIX, USER_NAME and PASSWORD.


Now we have a new problem. It could be hard to find the right one. But, we are working on this.